yes, Why This Site?

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There are more coaching centers in India than there are schools.

There are NCERT books which are Text Books.

And there are standard works which all of us old timers read. All time greats like Resnick and Halliday for Physics. And then, each coaching Center has their own coaching books; each chapter having hundreds of solved, and hundreds of unsolved examples.

And if that was not enough, market is crawling with apps on learning.

Our site is different. First it is free. Second and most important: we do not and shall not throw up hundreds of solved problems for you to solve. You must know there are only a few TYPICAL ways which are needed to solve most problems. Finally it is only the understanding of fundamentals that will help you sail through.

We are not asking you to follow only our site. We intend to encourage you to read your Text Books. Because there lies real learning.

So, read our lessons; understand the fundamentals and keep a picture of the concepts in your mind; associate what you understand with the happenings in daily life around you; these associations need not be exactly accurate, they are only reminders. End result: concept sticks in the brain for always. This is our intent.

Learn with us and be confident.